Veranstaltungen in Europa // Seminars in Europe


NEW in Febr. 2021: Diamond Heart Europe Group IV

Diamond Approach Europe 4 (DHE4) is a new international ongoing group that will meet twice a year for 7-day retreats in Seefeld/Northern Germany. The retreats will be taught in English. 


The residential retreat format includes large group teachings with inquiry exercises, small group inquiry work, and individual sessions with a teacher. All of this together creates a field of presence for our work. Between the residential retreats students will be offered opportunities to engage with the teaching through regional or online in-between groups. These meetings will support bringing the teaching into daily life. 


This new group will start in 2021 and will be guided by a team of six teachers:
Christa Jonas, Konnie Schneider, Odile van Eck, Oliver Schumann, and Tanja Weigmann. The Director is Jeanne Rosenblum. The founders of the Diamond Approach, Hameed Ali (who writes under the name A.H. Almaas) and Karen Johnson, will oversee the curriculum of this group.  


Retreat Dates


    2021: February 21 - 28 and October 3 - 10

    2022: February 13 - 20 and October 2 - 9

    2023: February 12 - 19 and October 15 - 22 


Download a flyer about DHE4.


For further information and application for DHE4:

Contact our administrator, Stacia Roberts: or one of the teachers.


Introductory Workshops in 2020


A number of weekends and events with different themes of the Diamond Approach will be offered in several European locations. These are opportunities to experience directly some of the teachings and practices of the Diamond Approach. Download a flyer about these Intro Workshops.

Diamond Heart Nederland

Diamond Heart Nederland (DHNL) is de eerste Nederlandstalige groep in de Ridhwan School.
De groep gaat in augustus 2020 van start met een vijfdaagse retraite.


De leraren

De groep zal geleid worden door Kyo Verberk en Marko Rinck, samen met verschillende gastdocenten. Odile van Eck is gastdocent tijdens losse zondagen en Doriena Wolff is gastdocent tijdens de retraite komende augustus.

Het vaste team van leraren wordt gevormd door Kyo Verberk, Marko Rinck, Chris Elzinga, Robbert Verschuur, Bregytta Rooney en Conny ten Klooster.

De grondleggers van de Diamond Approach, Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas) en Karen Johnson, zullen toezien op het curriculum van de groep. En Jeanne Rosenblum is de directeur.


Retraites en losse dagen

Het programma zal jaarlijks bestaan uit 2 vijfdaagse retraites (in de zomer en de winter) plus 3 losse zondagen in het voorjaar en 3 in het najaar. 

De eerste retraite, in augustus 2020, vindt plaats in Centrum Samaya, in Werkhoven.


Wil je meer weten? Download hier de flyer. Of stuur een e-mail met je vragen IN HET ENGELS naar Stacia Roberts via; je kunt je via dit adres ook aanmelden. Stacia werkt vanuit de Ridhwan school in Amerika en is Engelstalig. De correspondentie vindt dus in het Engels plaats, het programma van retraites en losse zandagen is helemaal in het Nederlands.

International Diamond Approach Italy

The current Italy Diamond Approach group is closed to new membership. Students already familiar with the Diamond Approach work who are interested in participating in the Italy group may contact:

Workshops & Seminars

Spiritual Inquiry Sessions with Teachers-in-Training from the Ridhwan European Seminary Training Program:

Low-cost guided inquiry sessions with local European Teachers-in-training in the Ridhwan School are now available for interested individuals who are not already in an on-going Diamond Approach group or seeing a Ridhwan Teacher. Ridhwan Teachers-in-training are closely supervised and mentored by experienced Ridhwan Teachers. Sessions will be conducted in the English language only for training purposes.  Meetings with a teacher-in-training must be face-to-face, therefore the possibility of having sessions may be limited by the location of teachers-in-training in Europe.


Contact: e-mail for information and how to apply.