Veranstaltungen in Europa // Seminars in Europe


Diamond Heart Europe Group III          Open Ongoing Group

Diamond Heart Europe 3 is a new ongoing international Academy group that will meet twice a year for 7-day residential retreats in Seefeld, near Bremen, Germany. Rob Merkx and Tejo Jourdan will teach the retreats with other guest teachers. Applications are now available for Diamond Heart Europe 3, which started in October 2015. Currently there are students from 15 different countries.

The group will be under the direction of Jeanne Hay Rosenblum and is part of the Ridhwan Academy. Academy groups follow a teaching curriculum set by founder of the Diamond Approach Hameed Ali (who writes under the name A.H. Almaas). Taught in English.


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Dates in 2019:

March 3 - 10, 2019 and Oct. 27 - Nov. 3, 2019

For further information, or an application for DHEurope 3, contact:

DAWN 2: Diamond Approach Weekend Group Netherlands

A second ongoing Ridhwan group,  DAWN 2 (Diamond Approach Weekend-group Netherlands) has started in April 2017, and is taught by Diamond Approach Teachers:

Elsa Teeuwen and Philipp Hasselblatt with guest teachers
Language: English

In 2018 the DAWN group will be meeting on 4 long weekends


2018 Dates:

Dec 14-16


The weekends will be residential (optional) and will take place in the South-East of the Netherlands near Nijmegen. A ‘weekend’ consists of 6 meetings, starting Friday afternoon 1 pm, ending Sunday 5 pm.
DAWN is a long-term program that presents the teachings of the Diamond Approach as taught in the Ridhwan School. The content and process of the weekends will progressively build on each other to unfold the Work.
The tuition for each weekend is € 300.-
For more information and application, contact:

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International Diamond Approach Italy

The current Italy Diamond Approach group is closed to new membership. Students already familiar with the Diamond Approach work who are interested in participating in the Italy group may contact:

Workshops & Seminars

Skiing and Inquiry in the Swiss Alps

with Silvia Burkart Spillmann and Christa Jonas

March 16 – March 21, 2019


„So true will is like the grounding, the implicit grounding that serves as a confidence that things will flow. It’s hard to describe exactly because I’m talking about it as if it is something you think in your mind. It isn’t; that’s why I use the word „implicit.“ It means you function from an innate feeling and understanding that things flow. True will is right in this moment; it’s a complete openness to what’s happening right now.“ (Diamond Heart Book II, p. 128)


For skiing you need grounding, confidence and a complete openness to what is there in the moment – and then you will be in a flow. We want to connect the joy and adventure of skiing with an inquiry into the White Latifa (Will quality) and all other qualities that may arise.


Hopefully the sun will shine, reflect the snow’s colorful crystals and mirror the essential qualities of our souls. We will meditate, go skiing together and we will do some interesting exercises. In the afternoons we will do inquiries and have meetings to discuss and share our exploration. If the weather does not cooperate, we will find other possibilities to move in nature. Let yourself be surprised!


Be aware: we are teachers of the Diamond Approach and not ski instructors (-:


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Spiritual Inquiry Sessions with Teachers-in-Training from the Ridhwan European Seminary Training Program:

Low-cost guided inquiry sessions with local European Teachers-in-training in the Ridhwan School are now available for interested individuals who are not already in an on-going Diamond Approach group or seeing a Ridhwan Teacher. Ridhwan Teachers-in-training are closely supervised and mentored by experienced Ridhwan Teachers. Sessions will be conducted in the English language only for training purposes.  Meetings with a teacher-in-training must be face-to-face, therefore the possibility of having sessions may be limited by the location of teachers-in-training in Europe.


Contact: e-mail for information and how to apply.

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