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International Diamond Approach Italy

The current Italy Diamond Approach group is closed to new membership. Students already familiar with the Diamond Approach work who are interested in participating in the Italy group may contact:

Workshops & Seminars

Ongoing Inquiry

with Jeanne Rosenblum

Course language English


Termin:         So., 8.2.2020, 18.30 h bis D0., 12.2.2020, 14.00 h
Ort:                ZIST Penzberg, Penzberg
Kursgebühr: 510 € (zuzüglich Vollpension)

Info:               ZIST


This group Ongoing Inquiry is a response to the requests of some people interested in having a small ongoing group meet regularly, once a year, at ZIST. For the first time the group took place in January 2011.


This group will be open to anyone interested in the Diamond Approach. Although we hope to have a core group that is committed to coming once a year for retreat, the group will be open to newcomers.


This group can be a support for students in other Diamond Approach groups, and it can also offer a short retreat to those who are new to the Diamond Approach and are unable to make the time commitment required for other groups.  


There will be lectures, exercises, and small groups. The focus will be on the fundamentals of the Diamond Approach so that students can deepen their practice of Inquiry as well as meditation practice.


Jeanne Rosenblum is a senior teacher in the Ridhwan School, home of the Diamond Approach to Inner Realization. She is a member of its leadership council and participates in the training and supervision of new teachers. Jeanne leads groups in Europe and the US and has a private practice in Marin County, California.   

Skiing and Inquiry in the Swiss Alps

with Silvia Burkart Spillmann and Christa Jonas

March 23 – March 28, 2020



Being present while skiing, sitting on a chair lift and doing inquiry, listening to the silence of nature, breathing fresh mountain air, eating together while being silent or listening to each other, and laying in the sun


skiing in misty weather, not knowing the way and trusting to be guided. Getting lost and  finding ourselves in a new depth of lightness, joy and acceptance of every given moment.


Since we are dependent on weather and snow we will adjust the program to the given circumstances so that we stay in the flow of guidance.

For sure we will daily meditate and doing inquires inside or outside in nature. Twice a week we will offer a small group from 5 pm to 7pm.


Skiing in the mornings, afternoons are free

SKI AREAS: We mainly will be skiing in the Madrisa area:

In the afternoons the huge area of Davos Parsenn is an option too:

ACCOMMODATION: Hotel Aquasana (, Ferienwohnung:,

Each participant makes her or his own arrangement.

COURSE & ORGANISATIONAL FEE: 200 € (Ski Pass not included)

ENROLLMENT UNTILL: February 22, 2020 

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Spiritual Inquiry Sessions with Teachers-in-Training from the Ridhwan European Seminary Training Program:

Low-cost guided inquiry sessions with local European Teachers-in-training in the Ridhwan School are now available for interested individuals who are not already in an on-going Diamond Approach group or seeing a Ridhwan Teacher. Ridhwan Teachers-in-training are closely supervised and mentored by experienced Ridhwan Teachers. Sessions will be conducted in the English language only for training purposes.  Meetings with a teacher-in-training must be face-to-face, therefore the possibility of having sessions may be limited by the location of teachers-in-training in Europe.


Contact: e-mail for information and how to apply.