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Enneagramm - der Schlüssel zum Erwachen

Autor: Almaas, A.H., 

Verlag: Kamphausen Media


Über ein tieferes Verständnis deines wahren Selbst 

Welches Potenzial besitzt das Enneagramm für die eigene Persönlichkeitsentwicklung? Die tiefen Weisheiten des Enneagramms reichen über die persönliche Zuordnung der einzelnen Typen oder das einfache Hinnehmen des eignen Persönlichkeitstyps weit hinaus: Menschen werden auf ihrem Weg zur spirituellen Transformation unterstützt und begleitet. Das System trägt maßgeblich zur Persönlichkeitsentwicklung bei und führt letztendlich zur Erkenntnis über das wahre Selbst. Mithilfe des Enneagramms gelingt es, sich vollständig von einschränkenden Fixierungen zu befreien.

Es ist das große Anliegen des anerkannten Enneagramm-Experten A. H. Almaas, Leser*innen diesen ursprünglichen Kern und Mehrwert in verständlicher Weise neu zugänglich zu machen. Mit der bewussten und vollständigen Nutzung des Enneagramms erhalten Leser*innen ein mächtiges Werkzeug für den Weg zur grundlegenden Veränderung und zum Erwachen an die Hand.




200 S., ISBN: 9783958835979, 20 €. Hier können Sie bestellen.

Nondual Love

Autor/ Author: Almaas, A.H., 

Verlag/ Publ.: Shambhala Publ. 


Love is a transformative aspect of the spiritual path—and, in fact, it is our very nature. A. H. Almaas takes us on a journey beyond a narrow, individual understanding of love to an exploration of what he calls the boundless dimension of Divine Love. This is not the kind of love that we feel toward somebody else; it is nondual, a love without boundaries. Or put another way, it is universal true nature experienced as love.


By shifting our focus beyond our individual human experience to the experience of the whole of existence, we are able to see the true richness of the universe. All of reality takes on a quality of inner light, of softness and ease, of sweetness and holding. When we are open to the dimension of nondual love, we can relax and trust our inner ground that is also the ground of everything: our true nature, free from limitations—a sense of complete release, freedom, and delight, that is free of conflict, fear, insecurity, and worry. Almaas discusses the obstacles that make it difficult to awaken to true nature in this form, such as our belief in a separate self and our past conditioning. Each chapter includes an inquiry or practice, such as explorations of attachments and worldly desires as well as inquiries into union, surrender, and grace.


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Pages 248, ISBN: 9781645471516, appr. 23,50 €. Hier können Sie bestellen.

The Mysterion

Autor/ Author: Kabir Helminski
Verlag/ Publ.: Shambhala Publ.


Rumi and the Secret of Becoming Fully Human

A contemporary exploration into the meaning and possibility of our human existence, through the universal insights of the 13th-century Persian poet and Sufi mystic Rumi—by pre-eminent Rumi translator, Kabir Helminski.


The 13th-century poet and mystic Rumi has become one of the most popular spiritual voices of our time—known and loved by people of many faiths and worldviews for his rich metaphors, images, poems, and stories. The Mysterion deepens our appreciation of his teachings by illuminating both the practical psychological dimension behind them, as well as the universal spiritual truths they offer about what it means to be human.


In this philosophical survey, Kabir Helminski, one of the foremost translators and writers of Sufi texts, gives us a contemporary lens through which to view and understand the “Mysterion,” the unifying concept that bridges the human and the divine—and that connects the individual soul with spiritual Reality. This book is centered on that core, unifying concept of the Mysterion: the essence and intrinsic meaning of being human.


Rumi, says Helminski, would suggest that in our human existence we might accomplish many marvels, but they will amount to little if we neglect cultivating the divine potential within us. Like a mirror, he says, we can reflect a spectrum of divine qualities depending on how polished and clean our mirror is. Likewise, our mirrors can become distorted and corroded by egoism and negativity. Our practical work, says Helminski (and Rumi), is to remove distortions from our souls and align ourselves with this higher order reality and divine agency, through humility, reverence, surrender, and love.

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264 p., published in 2023

appr. 22,50 € - ISBN: 9781645471448 - HIER können Sie bestellen / You can order HERE.

The Rumi Collection

Autor/ Author: Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, edited by Kabir Helminski
Verlag/ Publ.: Shambhala Publ.


An Anthology of Translations of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi 

The Rumi Collection presents an essential anthology of the works of the thirteenth-century Sufi poet and philosopher Jalâluddin Rumi. Known for his deeply mystical and spiritual writings, Rumi’s words have been carefully selected and arranged by acclaimed Sufi teacher Kabir Helminski to offer a comprehensive introduction to the poet’s life and thought. With contributions from numerous leading translators—including Robert Bly, Coleman Barks, Camille Helminski, Andrew Harvey, and many other esteemed expositors of the Sufi tradition—The Rumi Collection provides an indispensable resource for all to explore the richness of Islamic mysticism and Rumi’s monumental contribution to the language of spirituality. Whether you are new to Rumi’s work or a longtime admirer, these classic works of Sufi poetry invite you to enter Rumi’s world—and to be immersed in his timeless wisdom. 

Kabir Helminski is a respected Sufi teacher who has been translating the works of Rumi for more than forty years. He is also the author of numerous books, including Living Presence, The Knowing Heart, and The Mysterion. Along with his wife, Camille, he is the director of the Threshold Society—a nonprofit organization dedicated to expounding the Mevlevi tradition founded by Jalâluddin Rumi and sharing the knowledge and practice of Sufism.

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272 p., published in 2023

appr. 22,50 € - ISBN: 9781645471653 - HIER können Sie bestellen / You can order HERE.

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