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The Heart of Life - Heart's Desire

Termin:          Fr., 14.12.2018, 18.30 h bis So., 16.12.2018, 14.00 h

Ort:                 ZIST Penzberg, Penzberg

Kursgebühr: 330 € (zuzüglich Vollpension) 

Leitung:         Kyo Verberk, Marko Rinck, Gertraud Eder-Büntig


Course language English


We offer three ongoing weekends exploring The Heart of Life through the central practices of the Diamond Approach: practicing presence and open-ended inquiry; exploring through sensing and verbalizing experience. The Diamond Approach is a spiritual path of love for what is true and authentic.


Each weekend we will explore an Essential Aspect. Essence is not an object within ourselves; it is the true nature of who we are when we are relaxed and authentic, when we are not pretending to be one way or another.


Heart's Desire In this weekend we explore the desires that control our life. We fall in love with all kinds of things; our mind tells us what we love, and we move out and away from the intimacy of our heart to get what we want. The true heart's desire is not about wanting something from the outside, it is not trying to satisfy something or remove something. It has a selfless generous quality. The language of the heart moves us and touches us deeply. It is pure, free from content. The sacred impulse of heart is 'I want'. Allowing this pure innocent wanting brings joy and fulfillment.     


For more information on the Diamond Approach and the Essential Aspects see the website:




Ongoing Inquiry

with Jeanne Rosenblum

Course language English


Termin:         So., 10.2.2019, 18.30 h bis D0., 14.2.2019, 14.00 h
Ort:                ZIST Penzberg, Penzberg
Kursgebühr: 495 € (zuzüglich Vollpension)

Info:               ZIST


This group Ongoing Inquiry is a response to the requests of some people interested in having a small ongoing group meet regularly, once a year, at ZIST. For the first time the group took place in January 2011.


This group will be open to anyone interested in the Diamond Approach. Although we hope to have a core group that is committed to coming once a year for retreat, the group will be open to newcomers.


This group can be a support for students in other Diamond Approach groups, and it can also offer a short retreat to those who are new to the Diamond Approach and are unable to make the time commitment required for other groups.  


There will be lectures, exercises, and small groups. The focus will be on the fundamentals of the Diamond Approach so that students can deepen their practice of Inquiry as well as meditation practice.


Jeanne Rosenblum is a senior teacher in the Ridhwan School, home of the Diamond Approach to Inner Realization. She is a member of its leadership council and participates in the training and supervision of new teachers. Jeanne leads groups in Europe and the US and has a private practice in Marin County, California.   

Skiing and Inquiry in the Swiss Alps

with Silvia Burkart Spillmann and Christa Jonas

March 16 – March 21, 2019


„So true will is like the grounding, the implicit grounding that serves as a confidence that things will flow. It’s hard to describe exactly because I’m talking about it as if it is something you think in your mind. It isn’t; that’s why I use the word „implicit.“ It means you function from an innate feeling and understanding that things flow. True will is right in this moment; it’s a complete openness to what’s happening right now.“ (Diamond Heart Book II, p. 128)


For skiing you need grounding, confidence and a complete openness to what is there in the moment – and then you will be in a flow. We want to connect the joy and adventure of skiing with an inquiry into the White Latifa (Will quality) and all other qualities that may arise.


Hopefully the sun will shine, reflect the snow’s colorful crystals and mirror the essential qualities of our souls. We will meditate, go skiing together and we will do some interesting exercises. In the afternoons we will do inquiries and have meetings to discuss and share our exploration. If the weather does not cooperate, we will find other possibilities to move in nature. Let yourself be surprised!


Be aware: we are teachers of the Diamond Approach and not ski instructors (-:


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