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Workshops & Seminare

Ongoing Inquiry

with Jeanne Rosenblum

Course language English


Termin:         So., 8.2.2020, 18.30 h bis D0., 12.2.2020, 14.00 h
Ort:                ZIST Penzberg, Penzberg
Kursgebühr: 510 € (zuzüglich Vollpension)

Info:               ZIST


This group Ongoing Inquiry is a response to the requests of some people interested in having a small ongoing group meet regularly, once a year, at ZIST. For the first time the group took place in January 2011.


This group will be open to anyone interested in the Diamond Approach. Although we hope to have a core group that is committed to coming once a year for retreat, the group will be open to newcomers.


This group can be a support for students in other Diamond Approach groups, and it can also offer a short retreat to those who are new to the Diamond Approach and are unable to make the time commitment required for other groups.  


There will be lectures, exercises, and small groups. The focus will be on the fundamentals of the Diamond Approach so that students can deepen their practice of Inquiry as well as meditation practice.


Jeanne Rosenblum is a senior teacher in the Ridhwan School, home of the Diamond Approach to Inner Realization. She is a member of its leadership council and participates in the training and supervision of new teachers. Jeanne leads groups in Europe and the US and has a private practice in Marin County, California.   

The Art of Meditation and Self-Inquiry

Termin: Fr. 20.3.2020, 18.30 h bis So. 22.3.2020, 14.00 h


Ort: ZIST Penzberg, Penzberg

Kursgebühr: 295 € (zuzüglich Vollpension)


Leitung: Susannah Grover, Esther Diethelm


Course language English

The art of meditation is a way of bringing ourselves increasingly more in touch with reality. We are conditioned by surface life such that we tend to confuse symbolic representation as if it is reality, just as we confuse our self-image with our true self. Reality, however, is not a concept. Reality can only be known through direct experience. The more we clarify our experience, the more we arrive in deeper truth, deeper Reality. Meditation supports us to relax mental constructions and return to a sense of true connection with our deeper self and, ultimately, with all of life.


Self inquiry is a practice which assists us to clarify our direct experience and come to ever deeper truth. We get in touch with the deeper knowing already present in ourselves. Meditation and self inquiry, along with some other practices we will learn, all work together and enhance our ability to find a quiescence and peacefulness, as an antidote to the rushed and stressful demands of our lives.


In addition to meditation and self-inquiry practices, we will include TaKeTiNa, a rhythmical movement and awareness practice. TaKeTiNa is a musical process that supports us to come in resonance with our intuitive and creative potential. A wonderful form of body work that allows us to be in resonance via the regulating, harmonizing and transforming power of rhythm. Led by Esther Diethelm, whose offerings have been an integral part of the ZIST Academy for years.


Our explorations will have profoundly positive psychological, spiritual and health implications, for ourselves and for the clients of any practitioners in attendance. This weekend workshop will address many levels and facets of experiential practice and will become the basis for exploring more advanced psychotherapeutic and spiritual trainings for those wishing to continue the process in future workshops.


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