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Still open: Diamond Heart Europe Group IV

Diamond Approach Europe 4 (DHE4) is a new international ongoing group that will meet twice a year for 7-day retreats in Seefeld/Northern Germany. The retreats will be taught in English.


The residential retreat format includes large group teachings with inquiry exercises, small group inquiry work, and individual sessions with a teacher. All of this together creates a field of presence for our work. Between the residential retreats, students will be offered opportunities to engage with the teaching through regional or online in-between groups. These meetings will support bringing the teaching into daily life.


This new group has started in 2021 and is guided by a team of five teachers:

Christa Jonas, Konnie Schneider, Odile van Eck, Oliver Schumann, and Tanja Weigmann. The Director is Jeanne Rosenblum. The founders of the Diamond Approach, Hameed Ali (who writes under the name A.H. Almaas) and Karen Johnson, will oversee the curriculum of this group.


Retreat Dates: October 15 - 22, 2023


Download a flyer about DHE4.


For further information and application for DHE4:

Contact our administrator, Stacia Roberts: or one of the teachers.


Introductory Workshops in 2022 

A number of weekends and events with different themes of the Diamond Approach will be offered in several European locations. These are opportunities to experience directly some of the teachings and practices of the Diamond Approach. Download a flyer about these Intro Workshops.


Open Inquiry Evening

When you are interested in following the spiritual path of the Diamond Approach you can join an open inquiry evening. These events are offered once a month by the five teachers of the new Diamond Heart Europe 4 group. 


The open inquiry evenings include a short teaching on the practice of inquiry, time to do an inquiry and sharing afterwards.


Dates: Please contact the teachers for more information.


Teachers: Tanja Weigmann, Odile van Eck, Oliver Schumann


If you want to participate send an email to or to


Fees: There is no fee, donations to the support fund for the Diamond Approach work in Europe are welcome.

Ridhwan Gruppe auf Deutsch (RAD 2)

8 Jahre, nachdem die erste Ridhwan-auf-Deutsch Gruppe zusammenkam (RAD), begann eine weitere fortlaufende Gruppe in deutscher Sprache. Wie die Gruppe RAD 1 treffen sich die Teilnehmer zweimal im Jahr für ein 7-tägiges Seminar im Bildungshaus Kloster Schöntal (Nähe Heilbronn). Die RAD 2 Gruppe ist für Teilnehmer aus allen Regionen Deutschlands und des deutschsprachigen Auslands offen. Sie wird von Florentin Krause und Kollegen geleitet.

Weitere Informationen gibt es bei: Heidi Winkler unter
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Weitere Veranstaltungen

Spiritual Inquiry Sessions with Teachers-in-Training from the Ridhwan European Seminary Training Program:

Low-cost guided inquiry sessions with local European Teachers-in-training in the Ridhwan School are now available for interested individuals who are not already in an on-going Diamond Approach group or seeing a Ridhwan Teacher. Ridhwan Teachers-in-training are closely supervised and mentored by experienced Ridhwan Teachers. Sessions will be conducted in the English language only for training purposes.  Meetings with a teacher-in-training must be face-to-face, therefore the possibility of having sessions may be limited by the location of teachers-in-training in Europe.


Contact: e-mail for information and an application form.

Contact and general information / Kontakt und allgemeine Information:

The DIAMOND APPROACH® groups and seminars, and DIAMOND HEART RETREATS & WORKSHOPS groups and seminars, are offered by the Ridhwan Foundation and the Diamond Heart and Training Institute, Inc., respectively.

Allgemeine Informationen über die Gruppen und Seminare/ For general information on such groups and seminars contact:

Germany and other European countries:

Rosy Breitkopf, Tel.: +49 (0)4952 942955, E-mail:

Veranstaltungen in Europa // Seminars in Europe