The Diamond Love Series

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Love unveiled - Discovering the Essence of the Awakened Heart

Love Unveiled - A.H. Almaas

Autor/ Author: Almaas, A.H.
Verlag/ Publ.: Shambhala Publ.


Love is a universal energy—and a primary force that powers our movement toward spiritual illumination. All the ways we need love are simply reflections of our need for spiritual growth. In Love Unveiled, A. H. Almaas explores three dimensions of love: appreciative love—the true liking of somebody or something; merging or connecting love—a force that melts away separateness; and passionate, ecstatic love—capable of consuming us from inside. In their own way, each reveals the beauty and exquisiteness of our spiritual heart, which is the heart of the divine.


However, the path of spiritual love is not without challenges. Almaas explores the barriers that tend to block our experience of loving awakening and provides experiential exercises throughout the book to help readers along their path. The exercises focus on the obstacles or misunderstandings that commonly arise for each quality or dimension of love. Presented in the form of writing or monologuing prompts, readers can work independently or in small groups to confront the emotional obstacles on their spiritual path. Regardless of where you are on your path, Love Unveiled will help you explore love in three essential dimensions and gain a deeper connection to yourself.

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Pages 256, ISBN: 9781611808391, appr. 24 €. HIER können Sie bestellen / You can order HERE.   

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Nondual Love

Autor/ Author: Almaas, A.H.
Verlag/ Publ.: Shambhala Publ. 


Love is a transformative aspect of the spiritual path—and, in fact, it is our very nature. A. H. Almaas takes us on a journey beyond a narrow, individual understanding of love to an exploration of what he calls the boundless dimension of Divine Love. This is not the kind of love that we feel toward somebody else; it is nondual, a love without boundaries. Or put another way, it is universal true nature experienced as love.


By shifting our focus beyond our individual human experience to the experience of the whole of existence, we are able to see the true richness of the universe. All of reality takes on a quality of inner light, of softness and ease, of sweetness and holding. When we are open to the dimension of nondual love, we can relax and trust our inner ground that is also the ground of everything: our true nature, free from limitations—a sense of complete release, freedom, and delight, that is free of conflict, fear, insecurity, and worry. Almaas discusses the obstacles that make it difficult to awaken to true nature in this form, such as our belief in a separate self and our past conditioning. Each chapter includes an inquiry or practice, such as explorations of attachments and worldly desires as well as inquiries into union, surrender, and grace.


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Pages 248, ISBN: 9781645471516, appr. 23,50 €. Hier können Sie bestellen.

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