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Almaas on the role of his books

(from the interview with Bob Olson, Fall 2003):


What role do your books, versus retreats and work with individual teachers, play in helping people move toward truth?

"The books have several functions, according to how I see things:

  • The books support the students who are undergoing the work of the Diamond Approach, because they give more detailed and exhaustive discussions of various segments of the work in ways different from the direct teaching.
  • The books can be used to support students of other paths, for the Diamond Approach includes ways of practice and working on oneself that are very effective for working through obstacles and obscurations. It includes a unique and new understanding of how ego is related to true nature, based on a new useful paradigm of qualities of true nature. This new paradigm of spiritual qualities can aid students of many paths for it helps to give them contexts for understanding their experience that have not been available before. The books also discuss true nature in its aspects and dimensions in a kind of detail, specificity and precision not available much in spiritual literature, which can be useful for students of the inner path regardless of the particular path.
  • The books contribute to the spread of spiritual knowledge, understanding and wisdom to human beings in general. It is a way of teaching, not as effective as direct personal teaching, but can nevertheless have a beneficial impact in awakening people to the inner truths, encouraging and inspiring them to engage the inner path.
  • The books can contribute to the knowledge of humanity in general, by transmitting new effective ways of investigation, learning and inquiry.
  • The books also have the function of being records of a new teaching. It is both the responsibility of the researcher to put out his learning and discoveries, and by doing that the spiritual literature of mankind is enriched and expanded.
  • The books can have functions I am not aware of myself. I know it is my function to put out the Diamond Approach. I know some of the benefits, but I do not profess to know all the possibilities of germination and consequences of its spread. It is an interesting question, for instance, to wonder what will be the overall and long-term consequence of putting out such new paradigm of spiritual essence." 

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A Selection of the English Books:

Inner Journey Home
The Inner Journey Home presents the larger view of the Diamond Approach® to Self-realization, its metaphysical underpinnings, its overall structure, and its metapsychology. It is the centerpiece of all the publications on the Diamond Approach.

Essence & The Elixir of Enlightenment
Essence introduces a method for the retrieval and development of essence, so that it can function as a transformative agent in the process of self-realization.
The Diamond Mind Series
The Diamond Mind knowledge is a multifaceted understanding of the nature of man, his consciousness or psyche, and the potential for expansion of his capacity for experience and inner development.This series is a response to an important need that is being felt in many quarters, a need for a spiritually informed psychology, or conversely, for a psychologically grounded spirituality.
This knowledge is a multifaceted understanding of the nature of man, his consciousness or psyche, and the potential for expansion of his capacity for experience and inner development.
Includes: The Void, The Pearl Beyond Price & The Point of Existence.
The Diamond Heart Series
The Diamond Heart series is a transcription of talks given to inner work groups. The purpose of the talks is to guide and orient individuals who are intensely engaged in doing the difficult work of essential realization.
Each talk elucidates a certain state of essence or being. The relevant psychological issues and barriers are discussed precisely and specifically, using modem psychological understanding in relation to the state of being, and in relation to one's mind, life and process of inner unfoldment.
Includes: Book I - Elements of the Real in Man, Book II - The Freedom to Be, Book III - Being and the Meaning of Life, Book IV - Indestructible Innocence & Book V - Inexhaustible Mystery


The Diamond Body Series
This series of books is an attempt to outline the methodology of the Diamond Approach, a contemporary spiritual teaching with its own direct understanding and view of reality. The Diamond Body series refers to the practice and embodiment of the Diamond Approach.
Currently includes: Spacecruiser Inquiry, & Brilliancy - The Essence of Intelligence, The Unfolding Now.
Facets of Unity
Facets of Unity presents the Enneagram of Holy Ideas as a unique view of reality offering valuable insight to those on the spiritual path. "This book elaborates our view of the truth of the cosmos, the truth of the human being, and the relationship between the two. It explores the spiritual path in relation to God, the world, and the soul - the three primary elements in any spiritual; teaching."
Luminous Night's Journey
Excerpts from Almaas' personal journal, which describe a certain thread in his own journey of realization and the processes involved in integrating that realization. Luminous Night's Journey clarifies how the unveiling of Being and the exposure of ego structures constitute one process, leading to the soul's integrated realization of absolute nature and the manifestation of the human being as a personal embodiment of that nature.